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Welcome to the Sustainability Data Toolkit (SD Toolkit)

The SD Toolkit has been designed to bring innovation to Sustainability Reporting, enabling companies to collate and report through a single reporting tool. We offer a high level of data import / export so the toolkit bring unpresedented integration into existing systems, reducing double-capture of data and enabling the full features of the SD Toolkit on your existing data without the need to re-capture it.

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Full incident

Integrated signoff and accountability

History of the SD Toolkit

The SD Toolkit was first designed in 2005 to assist one of South Africa's largest organisations with their sustainability data collation project. This company had over 180 reporting entities, each of those including multiple entities (sometimes as many as 200 capture points per entity).

After the successful conclusion of this project in 2007, we consolidated the tool into the first version of the SD Toolkit. Our first client was one of South Africa’s leading mining operations in 2007 who is still with us today.

The Toolkit has been through several evolutions in the last 15 years. Starting as a simple data capture system, it has evolved to include substantially more than it did in its early days.


What does the SD Toolkit does for you?

Sustainability Capture and Accountability module

The latest update of the capture and signoff section of our system
Now includes reasonability checks against your historic data
Multiple levels of signoff are available

CSI Project Management and Reporting module

A module available for assessing and reporting on corporate social investment projects

Incident Reporting module

Managing the capture and processing of incidents

Automatic Schedule module for follow-ups

Allows targets to be set and monitored for timeous completion, signoff and submission of data

Weekly Automatic Reporting module

Automatically generated reports get emailed to you on a weekly basis, helping you to manage your collation and reporting process even better

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